Executive Reporting

Real-time Insights and Performance Tracking

Audits and reporting are critical requirements associated with data privacy compliance. It’s important to have a reporting strategy to track and measure the amount of data subject access requests (DSARs), processing activities, third-party transfers, and internal task completion to see how your organization is performing. Instead of using manual spreadsheets, CYTRIO’s executive reporting automates audit logs for easy tracking of the DSAR response process. Download the audit log directly from the console.  CYTRIO also provides real time insights and performance metrics, called Privacy Scorecards, to help improve your data privacy compliance processes.

No more spreadsheets

  • Complete Audit Log of all DSAR activity
    • Privacy Center (consumer & employee engagement)
    • Main Console (data reviewers, processors, owners)
  • Export right from console

Privacy Scorecards

  • Customize cadence and audience for receiving your Privacy Scorecards: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Measure your team’s performance on response times
  • Identify DSAR trends for your organization to make better business decisions

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