Consent Management on Auto-Pilot

All-in-One Consent Management Platform for CPRA, CCPA, GDPR compliance







Discover the Convenience of a Complete Preference & Consent Management Software Solution

Automatic Cookie Scan

Scan your domain and sub-domains to auto-detect existing and newly added or deleted cookies.

Discovery & ClassificationAuto Blocking

Consent Banner

Collect consent from users by displaying a GDPR & CCPA/CPRA compliant cookie consent banner and opt-out notice.


Audit and Reports

Audit user interactions and analyze the effectiveness of the consent management process.

Consent LogsAnalytics

Key Features

Ease the burden of legal compliance with CYTRIO’s consent management platform. We help you make it effortless. Get peace of mind and ensure your business stays compliant.

Customizable Design

Easily customize consent notification look and feel to match your web site branding.

Multilingual Support

Supports multiple languages to reach a wider audience and ensure compliance with privacy laws in different regions.

Third-party Tracking Blocker

Block third-party tracking technologies, such as cookies and scripts, to enhance user privacy and security.

Consent Log

Record and store users’ cookie consent for proof of compliance, including changes to cookie consent.

All-in-One Data Privacy Compliance Platform

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