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GDPR applies to any EU citizen whose information is collected no matter where the company is domiciled. Those citizens have certain rights such as Right to Access, Right to Erasure, and others. Any company that collects, uses, shares, or stores EU personal citizen information is required to respond to a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) withing 30 days of receipt of request.

Any Business With A Website Needs CYTRIO's General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Software

CYTRIO Makes GDPR Compliance Simple

Automate your ROPA

  • Maintain records of your processing activities
  • Build central inventory of data flows

Automate DSAR

  • Secure consumer-facing portal
  • Automated Data Discovery & Classification
  • Meet required response times
  • Full Audit Log
  • Automated Reporting with Privacy Scorecards
Intake Request

  • Submit Request Easily
  • Verify Identity
  • Share Data Securely

Discover & Correlate PI Data

  • Discover all PI data & correlate with Identity
  • Implement Security Controls to Protect PI Data

Fulfill Request

  • Triage and Respond to Requests
  • Reviews & Approve
  • Maintain Audit Record

Simple Integrations With Leading Apps
& Data Sources

Simple Pricing


For the first 6 DSARs

CYTRIO pricing is consumption based pricing. you pay based on number of DSARs processed by CYTRIO after the first 6 Free DSARs

Frequently Asked Questions

Put into effect on May 25th, 2018, the GDPR is a data privacy and security regulation for citizens in the European Union (EU).  Any company, no matter where domiciled, needs to adhere to GDPR if they collects, uses, shares or stores personal information related to EU citizens.

The GDPR is important because it was the first major privacy and security law enacted that gives consumer and citizens of Eu specific controls over how their personal information is collected, used, shares, and stored by companies.  With active enforcement, heavy fines and consequences for non-compliance, companies are required to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.

GDPR impacts any company that collected, uses, shares, or stores personal information from EU citizens,  no matter where the company is located geographically.

GDPR provides EU citizens certain rights over the personal information that a company collects or uses. These rights include Right to Access, Right Erasure (Delete), and others. CYTRIO provides a fast and simple way for the consumer to submit a data subject access request (DSAR). CYTRIO’s out of the box workflows and automated data discovery helps companies reduce the time to respond to a DSAR to minutes while saving 80% cost. CYTRIO also provides Article 30 reports to meet audit requirements.


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