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Data Privacy Compliance on Autopilot

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Simple, Scalable and Cost Effective All in One Solution

Discover, Classify and Correlate PI Data

Automatically discover PI data across cloud and on-premises data stores, and correlate with customer identity.

Automate DSAR Response

Orchestrate data subject access requests (DSAR) and build customer trust.

Give Customers Control Over Their Data

Enable customers to exercise data privacy rights with a secure, customizable privacy portal.

Simple, Scalable and Cost Effective All in One Solution

Data Privacy Rights Manager

The action of querying for personal information with in SaaS Applications and databases and correlating with the data subject

Build a better understanding of the flow of your data. What data you are collecting, who has access to that data, who you are sharing the data with, data retention and any cross-border data transfers

An overview outlining all data processing activities and processes done with in an organization and the use of third parties.

Reduce the time and cost of responding to a data subject access request through automation

An audit to identify and minimize risks associated with collecting, storing, using, and selling personal data

Secure portal for consumers and employees (data subjects) to submit data subject access requests

Track, monitor and evaluate metrics associated with data privacy compliance. Gain actionable insights into team performance


Save time, maximize coverage and accuracy with Intelligent Data Discovery

  • Automatically Discover, Identify & Classify all data at cloud scale.
  • Correlate PI Data with Customer Identity to eliminate false positives.
  • Easily answer the critical who, what, why, and where questions about your PI data.

Automate response to Right to Access and Right to Delete requests

  • Orchestrate and triage DSAR fulfillment.
  • Automated workflows for data, security, and privacy teams.
  • Dashboards, reports, and privacy scorecards.
  • Meet auditor obligations with detailed DSAR lifecycle history.

Give Customers Control of their Privacy

  • Simple 2-click process for customers to submit data requests.
  • Customizable and brandable privacy center.
  • Secure communication and data download.
  • Built-in identity verification process.

Simple Integrations With Leading Apps
& Data Sources

Simple Pricing


For the first 6 DSARs

CYTRIO pricing is consumption based pricing. you pay based on number of DSARs processed by CYTRIO after the first 6 Free DSARs


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