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Cookie Consent Manager

How it Works

Deploy consent and preference management in less than 1-minute with a simple 2-step process


Configure the Domain to Scan for Cookies


Deploy Cookie Consent Banner

Collect Consents

Key Features

Deploy CYTRIO Consent Manager in less than 1-minute to align your business with CCPA/CPRA & GDPR regulatory mandates. Get peace of mind, avoid fines and ensure your business stays compliant.

Visual Dashboard

View cookie consent data and analytics for your business from a single visual dashboard.

Granular Consent

Give website visitors the ability to choose which categories of cookies they would like to consent to: Essential, Functional, Analytical, Marketing, Social, Unclassified.

Compliance Reporting

Enable businesses to monitor their website's compliance with data protection regulations. Includes tracking consent preferences, identifying non-compliant cookies, and generating reports.

Consent Preferences

Allow Individuals to change or modify their customer communication preferences at any time. Capture and archive details on all consents and changes.

All-in-One Data Privacy Compliance Platform

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