Cookie Policy

Legal disclosures on types of cookies, purpose and how an individual can control







Data Privacy laws require businesses that use Cookies to collect personal information to disclose what cookies they use, purpose of cookies and provide a mechanism for an individual to control our use of them.

Reasons to Implement a Cookie Policy

Legal Compliance

CCPA, CPRA and GDPR require business to disclose types of cookies and purpose of use.

Transparency & Trust

Provide a clear and concise cookie policy to show your commitment to privacy.

User Control

Provide individuals an option to opt-out of any data collection or modify their consent.

Improved User Experience

Through cookies, you can personalize users’ experience and provide relevant content and recommendations.

How CYTRIO Helps

CYTRIO provides a customizable Cookie Policy template to get help you quickly and easily create a privacy compliant Cookie Policy. (Please be aware that the templates provided by CYTRIO as for guidance purpose only and are a legal advice. We encourage you to consult with your counsel).

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