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Data discovery and Classification are crucial for complying with data privacy regulations. Without an effective data discovery and classification system, organizations may struggle to comply with data privacy regulations, risking hefty fines and reputational damage. By implementing an automated solution, organizations can streamline their data privacy compliance efforts, protect sensitive data, and comply with data privacy regulations.

Discover the convenience of a complete solution

Are you tired of dealing with multiple data privacy compliance solutions? Look no further than CYTRIO – the complete solution for all your data privacy compliance needs.

With CYTRIO, you’ll get everything you need in one convenient package. Our system includes data discovery and classification, as well as automated DSAR responses, retention management, and much more. And with our user-friendly interface, it’s easy to use and configure, so you can get started right away.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple data privacy compliance solutions. With CYTRIO, you’ll have everything you need in one easy-to-use package. Try CYTRIO today and discover the convenience of a complete solution.

Key Features

CYTRIO makes it quick and easy, so you can spend more time analyzing your data and less time setting it up. Try CYTRIO today and see how easy data source connection can be.

Connect Data Sources in <5 minutes

  • In two clicks, select which data source you would like to connect
  • Using admin credentials, give CYTRIO’s Scanner access to desired data source
  • Up and running almost immortally

Automated and Flexible Data Classification

  • CYTRIO automatically classifies data based on our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm
  • Can configure, add, enhance classification right from console
  • Any change will be applied to that data source classification moving forward

All-in-One Data Privacy Compliance Platform

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