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Data mapping, the process of matching data fields between different sources, is crucial to understanding how data moves within an organization. It involves identifying who has access to the data, where it is stored, and for how long. In today’s world, where organizations use third-party tools to attract and learn about new customers, data mapping becomes even more important as large amounts of data can be collected without the organization’s knowledge.

Get Clear Insight into Your Data Journey

Do you want to understand how your data moves throughout your organization? Do you need to link data sources to third-party entities like vendors or processors? Look no further than our solution for gaining visibility into your data journey.

Our solution also provides automatic detection of Personally Identifiable (PI) data stored in your configured data sources. This helps you maintain compliance with data privacy regulations by identifying sensitive information that needs to be protected.

Key Features

CYTRIO makes it quick and easy, so you can spend more time analyzing your data and less time setting it up. Try CYTRIO today and gain visibility into your data journey.

Gain visibility into your data journey

  • Easily link data sources to third-party entities (vendors/processors)
  • Intuitive visual representation of data lifecycle phase
  • Automatic detection of PI data stored in your configured data sources

Who are you sharing your data with?

  • Classify the type of entities for data sharing
  • Simply insert the relationship and flow of data transfer between the entities
  • Track any cross-border transfers automatically

All-in-One Data Privacy Compliance Platform

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