Data Protection Impact Assessments








A DPIA is a systematic audit that identifies potential risks and evaluates the impact of data processing activities on the privacy of individuals. This assessment helps organizations minimize risks and protect the rights and freedoms of data subjects. Article 35 of the GDPR outlines the requirements for conducting a DPIA, which includes assessing the necessity and proportionality of the processing activities, identifying potential risks to data subjects, and implementing measures to mitigate those risks.

DPIA Simplified

Conducting a DPIA can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, having an automated and consolidated system can simplify the process and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations. With CYTRIO organizations can conduct DPIAs more efficiently, with a centralized platform for managing data privacy compliance.

Key Features

CYTRIO makes it quick and easy, so you can spend more time analyzing your data and less time setting it up. Try CYTRIO today and see how to simplify the DPIA process and ensure compliance.

Streamline your data processing risk

  • Access pre-populated data processing questionnaire
  • Ability to download template and input customized questions specific to your use case
  • Log all responses for accurate and confident outcomes

Measure risks of data processing

  • Out-of-the-box risk score association to data processing activity
  • Ability to create your own risk heat map based on your business requirements
  • Easy to read visual to see associated risk

All-in-One Data Privacy Compliance Platform

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