DSAR Manager

Secure and Transparent DSAR Intake with response workflows







In today’s digital age, data privacy regulations have become increasingly stringent, and businesses are required to comply with these regulations. One of the most critical requirements of data privacy regulations is providing data subject access requests (DSARs) mechanisms for consumers. While most companies still use manual processes like email, a toll-free phone number, and web forms, these methods can be error-prone and time-consuming.

Securely Streamline Data Subject Access Requests

The challenge with manual DSAR processes is that most organizations need to request more personal identifiable information from their consumers to validate their identity. Additionally, these methods can lead to long turnaround times, increasing the risk of non-compliance with regulations.

With CYTRIO, businesses can overcome these challenges with DSAR Manager integrated with DSAR Management Platform, a secure portal that provides a direct line of communication between consumers, employees, and organizations. DSAR Manager simplifies the DSAR process by enabling data subjects to submit a request, verify their identity, and view the status of their request without the need to collect additional information.

Key Features

CYTRIO makes it quick and easy, so you can spend more time analyzing your data and less time setting it up. Try CYTRIO today and simplify the DSAR process, enhance security, improve efficiency

Build Consumer Trust and Loyalty

  • Secure Privacy Center for consumers and employees to submit Data Subject Access Requests
  • Deployed to Privacy Policy in minutes
  • Automatic Identity Validation eliminating the need to request more information

Simple DSAR Submission

  • Simple, 2-click process for consumer or employee to submit request
  • Automatically notifies your company
  • Satisfies required notice to data subject confirming request has been received

Personalized Touch

  • Customize your Privacy Center
  • Upload your logo, link to Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions
  • Configure Privacy Center for your own branding requirements
  • Live in less than 60 seconds

All-in-One Data Privacy Compliance Platform