Overview of Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

What is a DSAR (Data Subject Access Request)?  


  • In the era of Data Privacy Compliance, governments across the globe (European Union, State of California, State of Virginia, State of Colorado, UK, China, India, Japan, Canada, Brazil, S-Korea, etc) have started to enact various modern data privacy laws. These laws are giving powers to individuals (consumers or employees) so that they can demand and control information about their own personal data. The individual in these laws has been referred to as the Data Subject. Many rights have been granted to these Data Subjects, including the ability to submit a data subject access request (DSAR).


What is a DSAR? (Data Subject Access Request) or What is a DSR (Data Subject Request)?

  • Data Privacy Regulations have granted the power to consumers so that they can submit the request a.k.a. (DSAR) to access their own personal data to the business that may have such data.
  • A recent wave of Data Privacy Regulations has made this entire process significantly easy for the consumers.
  • DSAR can be submitted at any time. They have the right to submit these requests periodically. The law may restrict the data subject to submit such requests only a certain number of times within 12 months
  • In these requests the data subjects can request to know the following:
    • Rights to know if an business is collecting the data about the consumer
    • Rights to access the data that business stored about them
    • Rights to understand business’s lawful basis of using consumer’s personal data in their business processes
    • Rights to know how long does a business plan to store such information as it pertains to the business processes as referred above.
    • Rights to know how they acquired such PII (Personally Identifiable Information) about the Data Subject
    • Rights to know if they share such information with other entities


Who all have these rights?

  • Practically anyone whose personal information a business may possess has such rights this includes Consumers, Employees, etc.
  • Under California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), provides specific rights to California consumers, including the ability to submit a CCPA DSAR to request how a consumer’s data is being used, request that the consumer’s data to be deleted, and request that the consumer’s data is not sold. Companies under the constraints of CCPA should consider Data Subject Access Request Software, like CYTRIO, to automated the CCPA DSAR process. Register here for a free demonstration.

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