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In today’s digital world, our personal data is collected, analyzed, and stored by various organizations across all industries. This includes name, age, address, credit card information, social security number, and more. In most cases, this data is stored in multiple locations (data sources) within an organization. Therefore, it can be extremely challenging to fully understand what data is being collected, where it’s located, and how long the data is stored (retention). Without a firm grasp on data collection and processing, it is almost impossible to comply with evolving data privacy regulations.

Data discovery and classification is essential for accurately responding to data subject access requests (DSARs). Once the data attributes are discovered, they need to be classified into categories such as sensitive and public information. Doing this manually is time consuming and costly. Using an automated solution can quickly and effectively streamline your data privacy compliance posture.

Connect Data Sources in <5 minutes

  • In two clicks, select which data source you would like to connect
  • Using admin credentials, give CYTRIO’s Scanner access to desired data source
  • Up and running almost immortally

Automated and Flexible Data Classification

  • CYTRIO automatically classifies data based on our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm
  • Can configure, add, enhance classification right from console
  • Any change will be applied to that data source classification moving forward

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