Data Mapping

Proactive Compliance with Data Mapping

The process of matching data fields from one data source to another, data mapping is the understanding of how data moves throughout an organization, who has access to that data, where the data is stored, and for how long. Organizations that use third-party tools to attract and learn about new customers can have an increasingly large amount of data collected without even knowing about it. When someone submits a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) and there is no internal data map in place, it can be difficult to respond within the required timeframe. Manual data mapping is possible but is not as effective as there is room for errors. Using an automated solution builds confidence and accountability for your data processing and storage processes. Proper data mapping can also supplement other aspects of data privacy compliance such as Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and record of processing activities (ROPA).

Gain visibility into your data journey

  • Easily link data sources to third-party entities (vendors/processors)
  • Intuitive visual representation of data lifecycle phase
  • Automatic detection of PI data stored in your configured data sources

Who are you sharing your data with?

  • Classify the type of entities for data sharing
  • Simply insert the relationship and flow of data transfer between the entities
  • Track any cross-border transfers automatically

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