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CYTRIO Data Privacy Platform
Cookie Consent Manager

Consent and Preference Management

Deploy in less than 2-minutes with a simple 2-step process.
  • Customizable consent banner and legally collect consents
  • Provide granular consents and honor customer preferences
  • Capture consent and preferences details
  • Compliance reporting

CPRA, CCPA, GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent Banner

Display GDPR & CCPA/CPRA compliant cookie consent banner in less than 2-Minutes.

  • Obtain clear and informed consent
  • Disclose categories of personal data and purpose of use
  • Block cookies, pixels and others if consent is rejected

Automatically Discover and Categorize Cookies

Scan your domain and sub-domains to auto-detect existing and newly added or deleted cookies.

  • Auto-detect and categorize cookies on your website
  • Block third-party tracking technologies, such as cookies and scripts
  • Automatically enhance the consent banner
  • Generate cookie audit report

DSAR Management on Autopilot

DSAR Intake and automated response workflows for CPRA, CCPA, and GDPR compliance.

  • Secure DSAR intake portal
  • Enable consumers to exercise privacy rights
  • DSAR response workflows
  • Identity validation
  • Auditable DSAR response records
Comply with CCPA/GDPR Consent and DSAR Management.

Deploy in 2 Minutes.

What our clients say...

“CYTRIO helped us connect to our data warehouse and … the workflow of requesting a report of personal information from both the end-user… and company… all in less than an hour.”

“The setup was easier than expected. CYTRIO automatically detected much of the personal information we are holding in the warehouse.”


“CYTRIO has simplified our compliance and reduced our costs dramatically.”

“CYTRIO is changing the game of compliance by finally offering complete and automated solutions.”

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