Purpose Built, All-in-One Data Privacy Rights Management Platform Built for Security and Privacy Professionals

A smarter approach to privacy. Easy for both company and the customer. Don’t just meet regulations, build trust.

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Build trust by enabling your customers to exercise their data privacy rights

  • Right to Access
  • Right to Know
  • Right to Delete
  • Right to Do Not Sell My Information
Build Trust

Operationalize data privacy rights management

  • Automate and orchestrate data request response with out of the box fulfillment workflows
  • Collaboration workspace
  • Identity validation and secure communication
  • Save significant time and cost
Operationalize Data Privacy

AI Driven Data Discovery, Classification and Correlation

Get a handle on data sprawl and understand Who-What-When-Where-Why of your customer PI data

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AI Driven Data Discovery


Simple, scalable, and automated

  • Get up and running in minutes, no professional services required
  • Start servicing DSAR requests in minutes
  • No dedicated privacy team required
  • Ideal for resource constraint organizations

Cost effective, all-in-one solution

  • Customizable consumer portal
  • Automated identity verification
  • Data discovery, classification and ID correlation
  • Secure communication
  • Detailed audit records

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