DSAR Response Automation

Automate your DSAR Response Experience

A Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) is a formal submission by a data subject (consumer, client, customer, or employee) asking what personal information is collected and stored by the organization. In every data privacy regulation, DSARs are consistently present. Data subjects have a variety of rights when making a request of an organization such as Right to Access and Right to Delete. Under all regulations, organizations have a required response time in which they must accurately and securely respond to the request. Failure to do so results in non-compliance fines.

Executing manual DSAR processes can be resource-intensive and time consuming. Using an automated solution is more cost-effective.

Gain Control over Data Privacy Compliance

  •  Centralized dashboard to monitor all DSAR activity
  • Ability to filter based on date, type of request, location of request, and regulation type
  • Built-in ROI calculator to show cost savings

Intuitive DSAR workspace

  • Consolidated workspace to track every DSAR received
  • Understand full scope of your DSAR performance
  • Ability to input DSAR received via other method

Automate your response

  • Pre-built, automated DSAR response workflow
  • Full transparency on data sources, data subject, PI attributes and DSAR reviewers
  • Preview report prior to securely sharing back with data subject

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